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Santiam Fishing Rods... Designed and perfected on our own home waters here in Oregon and Alaska. Built to offer the best fishing experience . We proudly offer quality products at a great price!

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Salmon Steelhead Rods 

Salmon and steelhead angling is a technical challange. Whether you jig, drift, toss spinners, side-drift, or pull plugs--we offer many great 3 and 4 piece rods for all your fishing styles. Models ranging from 7' to 10'8" to cover all your fishing demands.

There are many surf rods used for saltwater fishing but few as 4 piece intended for travel ranging from 9' to 12' in length. We  produce compact, durable and rugged surf rods for travel. Our rods are built with a slim X flock grip for casting ease, durable anodized aluminum reel seat, and ceramic guides.

 There are many big rods you can use for big species fishing but few as a 2 piece rod intended for travel. Our big species rods offer durable guides and tip with heavy-duty braced conventional guides, and a powerful ferrule and handle system.

Our light rods are great for trout, crappie, bass, and most any pan-fish you may desire to catch. These rods break down so small, there is no reason not to have one within reach at all times.

 Flyfishing Rods

With a passion for fly fishing, we set out to produce quality and value for all our fly rods. We have relied on our own experience and many fishermen's advice in creating what we believe are the perfect travel rods. We truly beleive that we offer rods with true performance at a great price. 

Santiam Fishing Rods

Santiam Fishing Products

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