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Our multi piece rods are designed for a variety of fishing demands that you may encounter on your travel adventures. We created what we consider to be the most flexible rods that perform well under most fishing conditions. Whether you choose to toss spinners for salmon, bounce bait for steelhead, jig for blues, or trolling for muskie, your needs will be satisfied. All Santiam Fishing Rods are built with quality blanks, blank through reel seats for strength, and aluminum oxide guides with ceramic inserts for smooth line transfer. Our rods will exceed your expectations!

There are many surf rods you can use for saltwater fishing but few as multi piece rods ranging from 9 to 12 foot in length intended for travel. We produce what we see as a tough surf rod with great casting capabilities. Our surf rods are design to work well with both mono or braided lines. Built with quality composite blanks, a rugged "X" flock grip for casting ease, durable anodized aluminum reel seat, and aluminum oxide guides.

There are many big rods you can use for halibut and most big species fishing but few as a multi piece rod intended for travel. We build what we see as a tough saltwater rod capable of handling the largest of species. Many lodges provide you equipment but with the abuse most equipment goes though why take the risk of losing the trophy of a lifetime. Our stand-up rods offer durable guides for both mono and braided lines, heavy-duty braced conventional guides with a powerful blank, and handle system.


Our lightweight, compact travel rods are good quality for a great price. These designs are intended for trout, crappie, bass, kokanee, and most any pan-fish you may desire to catch. Our rods break down so small, there's no reason not to have one within reach at all times. Built of quality blanks, through reel seats for strength, and aluminum oxide guides with ceramic inserts for smooth line transfer. Not only will you be impressed with your Santiam Fishing Rod, your friends will want one too.


Our multi piece fly rods are unique. Not the typical 4-piece rods on the market. Built with travel and convenience in mind. Our multi-piece fly rods will fit in the overhead airplane compartment, or behind the seat. So compact allowing you to never be without your Santiam Fly Rod when an opportunity arises. Our fly rods are constructed with quality graphite blanks. Finished in a classic gloss blue finish, cork handles, oversized stripping guides, anti-corrosive guides and hook keeper. 

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