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Our SFCP-1166 6 piece centerpin rod is designed as a well balanced lightweight rod to detect the lightest of bites. Our 11'6" rod is of moderate action allowing you to control your drift and detect the slightest action. Built for travel this compact rod has sections in length at 25". Our handles are built with quality cork and a comfort design. Finished in a classy matte green finish. With many years testing our rods we feel we have designed a 6 piece travel rod comparable to many 2 piece rods.  

11'6" 6-10lb Light Centerpin 6pc Float Rod

  • Model: SFCP-1166

    Type: 11'6"" 6pc Centerpin 

    Power: Light 

    Action: Moderate 

    Line: 6-10 pounds

    Lure Weight:1/8-1/2 ounces

    Section Length:25"

    Weight: 6.6oz.

    Packed in a soft cloth and travel tube

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