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There are powerful rods for halibut fishing, but not many companies dare to produce a tough travel rod that's up to the challenge. We produce big rods you can use for halibut/big species fishing intended for travel. Our 48" "Butt Thumper" is designed to handle the biggest of species with ease. This shorter stick gives you the upper hand on landing your trophy. With a shorter lighter rod there is less fatigue. We produce what we see as a tough saltwater rod with travel in mind. Many lodges provide your equipment but with the abuse most equipment goes though why take the risk of losing the trophy of a lifetime. This stand-up big species rod offers durable titanium guides with a powerful blank and handle system, a strong solid glass rod blank, and a durable X flock handle. Great for both mono and braided lines. Built to land big fish after big fish!

48" 30-130lb Moderate Heavy Halibut Rod "Butt Thumper"

  • Model: SFC-401HB 

    Type: 48" 1 Piece Conventional

    Rod Action: Heavy

    Line: 30-130 pound Braid 

    Lure Weight: 8-48 ounces

    Actual Length: 48.75"

    Rod Weight: 16oz

    packed in a soft cloth

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